Traditional Garden Benches

We have spent decades lovingly crafting thousands of bespoke high-quality verandahs for our clients across the UK and beyond. You, our customers, have repeatedly asked us if we could supply seating that perfectly complements our structures – that wait is now over. We have a small selection of fully restored antique garden benches now in stock.

Your new garden bench usually starts it’s new life as a reclaimed architectural antique. It will usually be made of cast iron, although they are occasionally made of cast aluminium. When we acquire the bench ends, we undertake a full restoration. We start by professionally sand-blasting them to remove the old paint and rust. Next, your new bench ends are given three layers of powder coating, which gives a deep and lustrous finish. If possible, we add a stretcher bar under the seat between the ends to ensure maximum rigidity and strength. Finally, we assemble the bench ends with new hardwood slats.

While we keep a few in stock, most of our benches are hand-made to order and we are able to produce them in various sizes and styles to meet your requirements. The choice of over 500 colours is also yours – they don’t just have to be black, white or green! We sell the original bench ends that we reclaim, so the designs we have in stock change regularly. We maintain a photo library of the bench ends we currently have in stock and are more than happy to share these with you at your request.

The most popular length is around 120cm (or 4ft). The maximum we can create without a matching central support (which is rarely available), is around 150cm (or 5ft).

The timber slats used are always a seasoned hardwood, usually mahogany, sometimes teak or oak, any of which will give a very long life to your bench. The timber is supplied untreated and can be oiled, varnished, painted or stained to your own preference. If left untreated, most timbers will turn a shade of grey within months. The slats can be rounded off on the edges to give a high-quality look and feel. All of the fixings used are stainless steel, like the ones used in our verandahs and other structures. Prices vary according to the style of the bench ends and the overall length.

Please ring Richard on 07792 500 900 or contact us using the form to the right for more information.

We look forward to working on your new traditional garden bench.